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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Radix Media publishes new ideas and fresh perspectives, prioritizing the voices of typically marginalized communities to get to the root of the human experience. The name Radix comes from the Latin root of the word radical, meaning to get to the root.

We’re worker-owned, because we believe that workers should have control over their workplace conditions and have a voice in the decisions that shape their lives. We are proud to operate a democratic business with no hierarchy and no bosses, which is almost unheard of in the publishing industry.

We’re union strong, because we know that without unions, we’d all be working 14-hour days and so would our children. (Note that our children appreciate unions, too.) We’re unionized with Local 1 of the Amalgamated Lithographers Union/International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

We’re eco-friendly, because we know that we only have one planet and that we should take care of it. We use 100% post-consumer recycled paper whenever possible, low-VOC inks in our presses, and dampening systems that are free of alcohol. This ensures that we are producing our books as responsibly as we can.

We offer a free submission option and a tip jar submission option: We believe that all submissions should be free but as a young press, any donation you make helps us pay our readers and cover digital costs. 

We are not currently accepting manuscripts for Full-Length Poetry, Chapbooks, Novellas, and Visual Narratives, and manuscript excerpts for Novels, Essay Collections, and Memoirs. 

We appreciate you taking time to check us out and look forward to reading your work!

Radix Media